Elevate Your Remodel with Expert Interior Design Services

Elevate Your Remodel with Expert Interior Design Services

Are you envisioning a remodeling experience that’s seamless and comprehensive? Many of our clients desire just that, complete with interior design services. Whether you’re looking for extensive interior design guidance, need help selecting materials, or simply want advice on choosing the perfect pieces to complement your space, our team is here to assist. We collaborate with top local interior designers to offer bespoke design services tailored to your project. Simply express your needs, and we’ll bring your vision to life.

Full-Service Interior Design Tailored to Your Remodel

Our interior designers specialize in providing a high-touch, concierge-level service for those seeking an all-inclusive approach to remodeling. Opting for full-service interior design means having a professional guide through every step — from planning and conceptualizing to selecting finishes and adding the final decorative touches. Dream big, and let us handle the details to create the space you’ve always wanted.

Assistance with Selections

The choice overload in a typical remodel can be overwhelming, with hundreds of decisions to make on:

Lighting fixtures
Plumbing fixtures
Bathroom tile
Paint colors

Having an interior designer by your side simplifies these choices, ensuring your selections not only look beautiful but also function perfectly within your newly remodeled space.

Furniture & Accessories: The Finishing Touches

Concerned about furniture fitting into your newly designed rooms? Need help selecting a new sofa, dining set, or finding that perfect piece of art to tie everything together? Our interior design team excels in sourcing and selecting furniture and accessories that elevate your space, ensuring every element complements the overall design and your personal style.

Our goal is to streamline your remodel, transforming it into an enjoyable and stress-free experience. With our expert interior designers, making selections becomes a delight, turning your home into a masterpiece of style and comfort. Reach out to Innovative Building Services to explore how our design services can enhance your remodeling project.