Exquisite Entertainment Spaces & Basement Renovations


When it comes to maximizing the square footage of your home, considering a basement remodel opens up exciting possibilities. Basements, no longer confined to storing holiday decorations and clutter, now represent expansive canvases with the potential to add valuable living space to your home. This is your chance to dream big and explore all the options you've always envisioned for your ideal home—whether it's a home theater room, a fully stocked wet bar, or a personalized home gym. The possibilities are boundless when partnering with the skilled team at Innovative Building Services.


Our team of adept craftsmen prioritizes the delicate temperature and moisture needs when finishing or refinishing basements in the area. Adapting to changing seasons, we ensure your family and friends experience year-round comfort in your newly finished basement. With our 2 year warranty, we actively monitor the settling of materials, guaranteeing a long-lasting, quality-built product. Since our establishment in 2010, Innovative Building Services has consistently impressed clients with inventive ideas to maximize space and enhance functionality. Our passion and experience in delivering top-tier home renovations set us apart.


Transforming homes in the region for over 13 years, Innovative Building Services ensures constant communication and transparency from the initial measurement process through designing and building. Weekly Progress Meetings and Daily Updates provide the peace of mind you need throughout your project's life cycle. Our dedicated team will stand by you every step of the way, ensuring the creation of a serene entertainment space your family can cherish for years to come.