Luxurious Bathroom Renovations by Innovative Building Services


Your bathrooms rank among the most frequently utilized spaces in your home. From the rejuvenating morning shower that kick-starts your day to the evening's final face wash, your bathroom plays a significant role in your daily routine. Often, people spend more time in the bathroom than they realize. An outdated or malfunctioning bathroom can turn this essential space into a source of stress rather than relaxation. If your bathroom is in need of a transformation, turn to the skilled team at Innovative Building Services to envision and create your new bathroom retreat.


For over 13 years, Innovative Building Services has been revitalizing bathrooms and powder rooms in the region. Whether you're looking to expand a compact bathroom or update your existing space for a more modern and functional feel, we possess the expertise and tools to turn your aspirations into reality. Our designers collaborate with you to provide the necessary space for a growing family and offer innovative storage solutions to keep toiletries organized. While custom cabinetry, updated lighting, and new plumbing fixtures contribute to a refreshed appearance, it's the experience, knowledge, and collaboration with the Innovative team that truly transform your bathroom into the oasis of your dreams.


Throughout the entire process, our team closely engages with clients to capture their specific design and layout preferences. From the initial measurement stage to the design and construction processes, we prioritize constant communication and transparency. Leveraging technology, we provide the peace of mind you require throughout the life cycle of your project. Whether in Sales, Design, or Production, Innovative Building Services will be your comprehensive resource for all your home renovation needs. Each member of our team is dedicated to ensuring a genuinely positive experience for our clients.