Step 1


At Innovative Building Services, our mission is to tailor a construction journey that brings your unique vision to life with precision and passion. Our all-encompassing, integrated approach ensures a smooth, collaborative process from the initial concept to the final touches. By working closely with you, and utilizing the talents of our experienced design team—or incorporating any specialist you prefer—we dedicate ourselves to transforming your dream home into reality. Our commitment to design excellence is designed to not just meet, but exceed your expectations, enhancing your living space to new heights.

Phone or Virtual Consultation Fee: Complimentary

An in-depth discussion to delve into your vision, goals, and to set an estimated budget range for your project. This initial phase is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, building a strong relationship, and laying a solid groundwork for the project.

Step 2

Design and Development

During our Design & Development Phase, we turn your ideas into detailed designs, closely working with you to ensure they align with your personal style and budget. This phase includes creating custom drawings, 3D renderings, and selecting materials, supported by a team of architects, engineers, and designers. We offer expert advice on feasibility, help choose materials and finishes, refine the project proposal, and set a clear timeline, all to streamline your build. Through our online portal, you're involved every step of the way, ensuring a construction experience that truly brings your vision to life, with design excellence at its core.

Design & Development Fee: 3% – 5% of the upper budget estimate

Creation of detailed drawings, 3D renderings, and thoughtful material selections, all tailored to align with your preferences and budgetary requirements.

Team Assembly:
A dedicated team of specialists, including architects, engineers, and designers, is assembled to contribute their expertise to your project.

Feasibility Insights:
We provide informed opinions on construction feasibility and design alternatives, ensuring both practical and creative solutions.

Material and Finish Selection:
Early guidance in selecting materials and finishes ensures design unity and budget adherence.

Proposal Refinement:
The proposal is meticulously refined with increasing detail to guarantee flawless planning and execution.

Schedule Setting:
A clear project timeline is established, detailing milestones for a seamless construction journey.

Throughout this comprehensive phase, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the entire team and access our online portal via Buildertrend. This tool streamlines project tracking, offers regular progress updates, and facilitates direct communication with our team, keeping you deeply involved and informed at each step. Our goal is to offer a personalized construction experience that reflects the distinctiveness of your vision, with a strong emphasis on design excellence to elevate your living space far beyond the ordinary.

Step 3


New Homes:
Whether you come to us with a plot of land or need assistance in finding the perfect location, our passion lies in creating bespoke homes from the ground up. We embrace the challenge of unlocking the full potential of each project, aiming to craft homes that leave a meaningful impact. From the initial pre-construction meeting, you'll be introduced to our dedicated team who are prepared to construct your custom home to the highest of standards. Through BuilderTrend and your online portal we provide regular updates on our progress and schedule on-site or on-line meetings with your Innovative team, ensuring you remain fully engaged and informed throughout the construction of your dream home.

Our renovation process is built around a clear purpose: to understand and incorporate your lifestyle and preferences into every design decision. We prioritize transparent communication and collaboration among our team, architects, designers, and you, the homeowner. This cohesive approach ensures that your renovated space not only meets but exceeds your expectations, reflecting your unique lifestyle and needs.

Our millwork exemplifies our commitment to craftsmanship, with each piece being carefully handcrafted in our workshop. This approach allows us to meticulously fine-tune details and innovate solutions throughout the building process. From selecting the perfect hardware to applying the final finish, we focus on delivering superior quality and functionality. Each piece of cabinetry and millwork is custom-made to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a personalized touch with no compromises.

Step 4


Our commitment to quality is underscored by a two-year warranty on all workmanship, ensuring that every aspect of your home remains up to the high standards set by Innovative Building Services.

We ensure the enduring quality of your home through comprehensive quality control and a structured warranty program. Our process includes detailed inspections, with a walk-through scheduled 90 days after you settle in, followed by another at the one-year mark to address any adjustments or minor repairs that may be needed.

We understand the importance of ongoing support, which is why our team remains at your service even after the warranty period has expired. To help maintain the beauty and longevity of your home, we offer the Handyman and Home Services program, tailored to meet the specific needs of each project we undertake. This program is designed to keep your home in pristine condition without any additional effort on your part. You'll receive a personalized maintenance plan, complete with a schedule and contacts for all routine and potential maintenance tasks. Regular upkeep is essential to preserving the aesthetics, functionality, and value of your home for future generations.